Flight Tracking


Easy and convenient live flight tracking over the Internet

The plane becomes an increasingly important means of transportation for us. Whether it is a business trip, a trip to a weekend getaway on Gran Canaria, or an annual package holiday in the summer holiday. Without an airplane, such trips are now hardly conceivable, and the increasingly favorable prices and offers make the plane in addition to a lucrative choice. Especially during the weekend or for short breaks the short flight time is added. If you travel frequently by car many hours, the plane has already arrived at the destination after an hour or two. But what about the people who stay behind? Want to pick you up at the airport? This is where the flight tracking comes into play. And that's not all: for with the flight tracking you always know at any time, where an airplane is currently.


What is live flight tracking?

Live flight tracking allows you to track any flight online over the Internet. For example, you can follow the flight in which your family or your friend is on holiday. This is how you always know where your loved ones are. The flight proce- dure uses current radar data and information that provides airlines and the traffic and radio networks of civil aviation. This information is displayed on the pages for flight tracking in real time on a map. So you always know exactly where the plane is with your friends or your family. In addition, you will also get a lot of further information on the flight. Whenever you are on a flight, follow the course and the speed as well as the expected time of arrival. Further information, such as about the airline, the place of departure and possible delays, will be displayed on the flight track.

Flight tracking over the Internet - how does it work?

All aircraft of civil aviation are equipped with sensors, the so-called transponders. These transmit a continuous signal with which the flight can be tracked. Since this signal is a civil signal and not a military, it is publicly accessible and can therefore be used for websites for flight tracking. The data of the various aircraft are transferred to corresponding public services such as Flight Radar and can be used there from the websites that offer to pursue a flight. The use of the flight data to track your flight is free, and usually without special technical equipment, so you can track a flight from any computer or smartphone.

Traveling on the Internet - for whom is the service suitable?

The service for flight tracking over the internet is suitable for a variety of people. On the one hand, the flight pursues on the Internet generally fun. It is interesting to follow a flight and to see how it makes its way to its journey across the globe. But keeping an eye on a flight also has a practical benefit: companies can take a flight to plan the arrival of an employee abroad and inform the local office about delays. As a private person, you can follow a flight to make sure your loved ones are on their way and that you are well. If you want to pick up your family after arriving at the airport, you can follow the flight to make sure when you arrive at the airport. By tracking the flight, you can recognize any delays at an early stage and schedule them if necessary.

What information do you get during the flight?


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The information that you get when you follow a flight can range from app to app and page to page. In general, however, you will always get the information on the flight, which is also sent by the transponder. This includes, for example, the current course and altitude as well as a diagram of the route already traveled and the route still missing. Also possible delays, the arrival time and the arrival terminal are often displayed. By and large, the display of the data you are tracking on the flight is identical to that displayed to the passengers on the aircraft on the TV screen. This is the same data of the aircraft and the transponder, which you also see on the flight over the Internet.

The pursuit of the flight is a practical thing with many advantages. Whether you want to assure yourself that your loved ones are doing well or want to know when you arrive at home, so you can pick them up, you just need to follow the flight and have all the information at hand. Business customers