Flight radar

We used to look at aircraft at the airport. Wherever airplanes came from or where they were flying, they were mostly hidden. Seemingly, we looked at the aircraft at the start, wished we were sitting on the plane and were tracking their runway until they disappeared somewhere in the sky as a small point. While they were invisible to the human eye for a long time, they had the radar on the radar screen. Airport, flight number and destination are essential for smooth air traffic in the sky.


For a long time the radar was a well-kept secret. Only air traffic controllers knew exactly where an airplane was located. Thanks to the Internet, no one has to take on the profession of an air traffic controller to determine the location of airplanes. This can be done comfortably via the Internet - at the click of a mouse, all flights can be viewed all over the world. There are basically two types of operation. You are either looking for a flight to watch it or you are watching all the incoming or outgoing flights of a certain airport with a radar.

Why is it interesting to have a flight with Flugradar?

When a member of the family, a friend or a work colleague traveled with the aircraft, there was a kind of uncertainty between take-off and landing. No one knew where the plane was with the person. As it was before the finish line, it had already crossed the German frontier, or it was right in the middle of the Atlantic. We had no other choice, so to think about the current whereabouts of the flight to us your inmates presumptions. The radar provides the information in real time. All you need is the flight number. You can search directly after the flight. To do so, enter the flight number into the search field and click on Start. The next moment, the current position of the flight will be displayed on a virtual world map. That's how easy it is.


There is not always a known passenger in the airplane. Flying has always fascinated people. Sometimes it's just a hobby like photographing airplanes. The radar is a great help. If you want to photograph a certain aircraft, you can find important information about the aircraft's flight plan via the aerial radar. With the flying radar, you can always follow your plane and take pictures with a bit of luck at a nearby airport at the start or landing.


Flight movements around an airport

The modern air traffic is very dense. Large airports like Frankfurt am Main, London Heathrow, Paris CDG or New York JFK have a very high volume. Passenger and cargo aircraft start in the second phase. For outsiders, these airports look like an opaque jungle. The flight radar helps you to understand the events better. Although a visit to the airport is by no means to be replaced, but the view of a pilot to the air traffic around an airport, you only the aerial radar.


Via the aerial radar, you can see the happenings around an airport from the point of view of an air traffic controller. In this case, the flight radar offers you various possibilities depending on how you use the zoom. The closer you zoom in, the better you can follow the flights with individual flights. The flight radar shows you whether an airplane is flying or arriving. You can also see where it is. Fly over the city, a village or over fields and fields. If you return with the zoom, these details become blurred. The flight radar offers you a better overview of the airport and its surroundings. An overview of all of Germany, its neighbors or all of Europe is also possible.

Flight radar is free and easy to use

Airplane Landing Would you like to pursue a specific flight, for example from Frankfurt am Main to Paris, then you can do this for example. In Frankfurt am Main, you are zooming in to see the aircraft. After it is started, you take back some zoom. Then you see which trajectory the airplane takes and at the same time leaves the area of the airport. When the plane has reached altitude and travel speed, you can zoom back and limit yourself to occasional observation. In Paris, you can then zoom in again to see the details of the landing better.

If you want to watch aircraft with the radar, you need a PC, a laptop, a tablet PC or a smartphone. Each device must be connected to the Internet. For Tablet PC and Smartphone, there are special apps that you just need to call. The use of airborne radar is free and easy to use. Wherever and at what time you see an airplane in the sky, you can easily and with flying radar